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BSA 成员致力于保护消费者数据的隐私和安全。BSA 提倡采用以用户为中心的隐私保护方法,让消费者能够控制其个人数据,同时确保行业可提供创新型的产品和服务,不断为消费者带去价值。

BSA 支持制定一套明确、强有力的联邦标准,以保护美国消费者的数据隐私,并鼓励在全球范围内实现互通操作。隐私系统必须支持数据跨境自由流动,以便蓬勃发展云计算,以及其他有价值的数据服务。

BSA 在考虑这些因素的情况下,制定了隐私框架。政策制定者在设法起草美国隐私立法,以及在确定 BSA 全球隐私最佳实践时,可以参考该框架,鼓励在全球范围内实施高水平的标准。

BSA 还支持采取措施,确保执法机构可以访问所存储的内容,但这仅限于这样的程序:该程序具有足够的隐私性,并具备应有的程序保护措施。

BSA 支持对数据政策进行更新,让这些政策变得透明、高效,并可由个人、企业和政府所预见。


Privacy Shield paper cover

Privacy Shield: The Privacy Shield Supports Responsible International Data Transfers

DEC 18, 2019 | US

The Privacy Shield is a government-backed voluntary program that creates a mechanism for companies to transfer personal data from the European Union to the United States, consistent with EU privacy laws.

The designed page illustrating BSA Urges Congress to Support Strong Federal Privacy Legislation

US: Comprehensive Federal Privacy Legislation Can Build on the CCPA

DEC 02, 2019 | US

Privacy is a critical concern for consumers, businesses, and lawmakers. Congress can build on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to create comprehensive federal legislation that protects consumers nationwide. Federal law should not only contain rights and protections created by the CCPA, but should create new consumer rights and impose new obligations on businesses, so that businesses are accountable for processing data in line with consumer expectations.

BSA Privacy Framework

BSA Privacy Framework

SEP 11, 2018 | GLOBAL

BSA has developed a Privacy Framework as a guide for policymakers as they seek to draft privacy legislation.

2018 BSA Global Privacy Best Practices

2018 BSA Global Privacy Best Practices

OCT 15, 2018 | GLOBAL

BSA highlights best practices to guide the development of data privacy frameworks and build trust in the global economy.

BSA Testimony Federal Data Privacy Framework

BSA Testimony Before Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on “Policy Principles for a Federal Data Privacy Framework in the United States”

FEB 26, 2019 | GLOBAL

This hearing examined what Congress should do to address risks to consumers and implement data privacy protections for all Americans. The Commerce Committee exercises jurisdiction over the Federal Trade Commission, which is the primary enforcement agency for consumer privacy and information security protections. 





JUL 06, 2020 | US

This Does Not Compute, July 6, 2020. BSA's Aaron Cooper joins Jim Lewis of CSIS for an episode of the podcast This Does Not Compute. They discuss how the debate around digital privacy is evolving in the US, how Congress is thinking about the issue, and the impact COVID-19 is having. 阅读更多信息